List all AWS EC2 instances using Boto3 - python sdk for AWS

  Overview Have you ever wondered how to get the list of all ec2 instances if you have more than one account in your AWS Organization? In this blog we will how to configure the python sdk boto3 and get the list of EC2 instances using it. Happy reading ::) To-do list in this tutorial  Use AWS Free tier account  Configure AWS CLI  Deploy the key  Write python boto3 code  Configure session on the boto3

A gift for me from me

Guess What...? Today is the day, for me and it was from me. Guess What...? To be continued...

Something from Google

Yesterday, July 20th, time: 15:38 my phone bell rang and I said hello... In reply I was told hello - "Sir You've a courier". I said "Courier...?" What's name and building?  He replied with the correct information. I hang up the phone and started moving down to take the courier. While I was  approaching the ground floor, I was wondering who has sent me and what as I did not remember that I had been asked by Google to provide me with the address 4 -5 weeks ago. On reaching the ground floor I could see the Google Assistant logo on the box from afar and it was then I realized and remember, Oh - Yes, Google has mailed and asked me to fill up form with required address and other details. And guess, what's in the box? I received a Google Assistant developer t-shirt and a letter of appreciation/Certificate from Google. It was the moment of joy.  Here is a thank you tweet to Google. Thank you @Google for sending this and welcoming to

Alexa Skills app - AI Artificial Intelligence Facts

Echo devices  So here I am, with my first Alexa Skills app powered by Amazon. It's called   "AI (Artificial Intelligence) Facts".   For those who are uncertain about the term "AlexaSkills app" to them - it is voice-driven application powered by Amazon available only on echo devices. At present there are number of skills available on alexa and this application is one among them. This application lets you know the different fun and interesting facts about Artificial Intelligence. What you need to do is just to enable and use it. Here's how you can ask: Alexa, ask a.i. facts for a fact Alexa, launch a. i. facts and tell me an interesting fact Alexa, open a. i. facts Here "Alexa" is a wake word AlexaSkill app page on Amazon  This AlexaSkills app currently supports these languages: English  (CA)  English  (GB) English  (IN) English  (US)

What came first - the chicken or the egg?

Well, that's really a question of the history of all the times and even now that exist and creates a dilemma among the people. Here I am talking about the question what came first - the chicken or the egg?                                                                           To me, this question has evolved from the question that how life and universe began. There are lot of examples of similar questions I would say and count, like one of the question if we talk about in the similar manner - What comes first, the day or the night and if you want to count more here is another one. How the life of human-beings evolved? So the purpose of all these questions sums up to know the existence of what came first? Well now, I am not going to answer or discuss those examples question but actually I want to stay on my topic about the chicken or the egg. So let's now deal with it. According to scientist and yes about their observation on biological evolution, the egg came f