Alexa Skills app - AI Artificial Intelligence Facts

Echo devices 

So here I am, with my first Alexa Skills app powered by Amazon. It's called 
"AI (Artificial Intelligence) Facts".

 For those who are uncertain about the term "AlexaSkills app" to them - it is voice-driven application powered by Amazon available only on echo devices. At present there are number of skills available on alexa and this application is one among them. This application lets you know the different fun and interesting facts about Artificial Intelligence. What you need to do is just to enable and use it. Here's how you can ask:

  • Alexa, ask a.i. facts for a fact
  • Alexa, launch a. i. facts and tell me an interesting fact
  • Alexa, open a. i. facts
Here "Alexa" is a wake word

AlexaSkill app page on Amazon

 This AlexaSkills app currently supports these languages:

 Support for German and Japanese language will be made available soon. Thank you for reading this post. Do connect with me on twitter to get the updates about the app.

If you have any questions/feedback please let me through the comment below.

Have a great day!