Something from Google

Yesterday, July 20th, time: 15:38 my phone bell rang and I said hello... In reply I was told hello - "Sir You've a courier". I said "Courier...?" What's name and building?  He replied with the correct information. I hang up the phone and started moving down to take the courier. While I was  approaching the ground floor, I was wondering who has sent me and what as I did not remember that I had been asked by Google to provide me with the address 4 -5 weeks ago.

On reaching the ground floor I could see the Google Assistant logo on the box from afar and it was then I realized and remember, Oh - Yes, Google has mailed and asked me to fill up form with required address and other details. And guess, what's in the box? I received a Google Assistant developer t-shirt and a letter of appreciation/Certificate from Google.

It was the moment of joy.  Here is a thank you tweet to Google.